Ticketing/Registration System

White Label Platform

Loket.com is the first event management platform in indonesia that can give you the freedom of selling your ticket in your own website while retaining your brand throughout the ticketing checkout process, so that you can leverage your own brand even further.

We understand that branding is important, therefore in Loket, we allow you to customize your event page, ticketing template, print-at-home tickets and even your event vouchers with your own brand or your events logo.

Custom With Your Brand and Logo

You can customized the ticket the way you want it including put your brand logo in the ticket.

We understand that you want to reach as many target guest for your event. Therefore we provide you with a wide range of customized ticket options such as pre sale tickets, pricing tiers, group tickets, special treatment table to fit your guests’ need and enable you to connect with more of your target guest.

Seating Chart

Loket is also the first platform in Indonesia which give you the flexibility to accommodate your event with a customized seating chart or an existing seating chart provided by venue. You will also have the power to adjust the seating chart based on the prices and ticket types or classes so that you can maximize the capacity and profit of your event.

Realtime Report

– In Loket we don’t hide anything from you. All the database of your events is yours.
– As the event owner you can login to your event admin and have 24 hour access to overall sales data, order details, number of ticket sold, statistic of sales, data of the attendee and many more.
– In addition, you can have us to send you daily email to let you know about how sales are progressing so you don’t even have to login to your event admin to see the number of ticket sold.


– In Loket, we provide you not only a platform to sell ticket and but also the system to generate a ticketing barcode to add more security and reduce any attempt of fraud so that you can feel at ease.
– We also add more security layer and eliminate any attempt of fraud by scanning all guests’ tickets using our check-in system before they can enter your event.
– We understand that it is important to you to have an affordable hardware while maintaining the security of the ticket. Therefore we create the most innovative system in which that you can use your existing printer and still get a high quality and secure ticket.

Entrance Management

With Loket, you can now keep track on who and how many guests are attending your event without investing highly cost equipment.

Multi Schedule Events

Having events with many different schedules in many different city can be quite a hassle for most event owner. Therefore in Loket we would love to help you with multi schedule feature that is easy to use so that your guest will have choices in buying the ticket that fit with their schedule

Payment Methods

In order to give your guest a seamless experience in purchasing the ticket to your event, our system provide you with many different payment options such as ATM Transfer, Internet Banking, Credit Card and many more.