Secure Gate Solution


We offer completely integrated automatic gate access control that communicate with the ticketing database in real-time to read a ticket, verify ticket entitlements, update the database and enable access in real-time. Our standard gate access control are made with a heavy-duty construction and equipped with an appropriate reader for the type of ticket medium used, such as paper tickets with bar coding or RFID.

Features & Benefits Include:

– Supports RFID, barcode (a cheaper, entry-level alternative to RFID) and mobile devices

– Full compatibility with any ticketing company or system

– Wristbands can be mailed-out to customers as their ticket. As they carry no access rights until registered online, they don’t need to be sent securely

– Optimised for heavy throughput from small to large-scale events, indoor or outdoor

– Seamless automatic online/ offline switch-over for continuous operation in any environmental conditions

– Real time reporting from check-in systems

– Fraud prevention: Instant identification of fake, cancelled or touted tickets

– The ability to control an unlimited amount of public and staff areas inside and outside the event site

– Support for ‘Fast Track’ or ‘Early Entry’ access lanes & instant upgrades

– Give customers a personal greeting on entry

– Seamless integration with our cashless payments and social connect services