29 July 2017, 6 PM

The Kasablanka Hall – Jakarta


South Korea’s hottest boy group VIXX is coming to Indonesia for their fan meeting tour per fan requests through MyMusicTaste!

Having debuted in 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX has garnered international popularity as “concept dols” with a style of music, storytelling performance and vocal prowess that is uniquely theirs. Their latest mini album, “Kratos”, was highly praised and appeared on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart. Its title song, “The Closer” also became an international hit, scoring number 14 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart.

This fan meeting tour is even more special as it was initiated by Starlights, their official fandom name. Starlights in Southeast Asia created a viral movement via, an online service that brings together music fans to request their favorite artist’s concert, and demanded VIXX come to their cities. VIXX is ready to meet and interact with their fans who made this dream tour happen; through fun, fan-engaging activities, wholehearted conversations and breathtaking performances, VIXX and Starlights will become closer than ever before.

As a special thank you to all TasteMakers, those who made the tour happen on MyMusicTaste, for VIXX Jakarta, we have prepared a special gift; VIXX x Jakarta TasteMakers will receive a presale ticket purchase option on two tickets! Please check MyMusicTaste’s official Facebook for details.

*If you are not a MyMusicTaste member yet, join us and request your favorite artist’s concert on You too can have access to special perks when your dream concert becomes a reality!



MyMusicTaste puts the power in the fans’ hands, allowing fans to request their favorite artist’s concert in their city. With the mission to connect and amplify the voices of fans all over the world, MyMusicTaste successfully promoted concerts of artists such as EXO, BTS, and Andra Day in over 30 different cities. VIXX marks the second time MyMusicTaste has brought a kpop group to Jakarta per fan requests. Thousands of fans started a movement to bring another kpop boy band called SHINee, which resulted in the SHINee CONCERT “SHINee World V” in JAKARTA last November. Currently supports more than 30 countries and offers 13 different languages.




VIP 1: Rp 2,500,000
Includes a group photo and a lucky draw for either rehearsal event (100 winners) or signed poster (30 winners)
VIP 2: Rp 2,500,000
Includes a high touch and a lucky draw for either rehearsal event (100 winners) or a signed poster (30 winners)
GA 1: Rp 1,650,000
Includes a special gift and a lucky draw for a signed poster (15 winners)
GA 2: Rp 920,000
Includes a lucky draw for a signed poster (5 winners)


  1. Professional/SLR/DSLR/GoPro cameras are strictly prohibited. No photography and/or videography is allowed during the concert. Note: Tablet PC is allowed into the premises, however it is strictly prohibited for taking photos and/or video recording.
  2. Anyone caught taking photos and/or video will be ordered to leave the venue without the possibility of re-entry.
  3. Please do not throw items such as stuffed toys, presents, and fan banners onstage at any time as it can be hazardous for the artists during their performance.
  4. Fans can bring one fanboard/LED board into the venue. Please be mindful of the size as to not block the view of others around you.
  5. Glowsticks longer than 30cm are not allowed into the venue. Lightsabers, etc. are not allowed.
  6. When purchasing the tickets, please be sure to purchase the tickets under the name of the person picking up the tickets. ID will be required to redeem the ticket. If another person redeems the ticket on behalf of someone else, they will have to show a letter of attorney.
  7. Ticket is valid only if it is purchased according to the procedures that has been determined, which are online purchase through electronic/online transactions on the Promoter’s official website or ticket box appointed by the Promoter / Organizer (authorized ticket box), otherwise you will not be able to verify if the E-ticket / E-voucher is an authorized or unauthorized copy.
  8. Purchasers legally are entitled to only print the E-ticket / E-voucher one time for each ticket purchased. Duplicating the E-ticket / E-voucher is not allowed and is illegal.
  9. Ticket is valid for admission to the venue for one person only.
  10. Each ticket has a unique barcode and is only valid for one person.
  11. Ticket with unique barcodes that have been used previously cannot be used again. Multiple copies of the (one) E-ticket / E-voucher will not be allowed for multiple entry to the event.
  12. Organizer/promoter reserves the right to take action to prohibit entry to the venue or exchange the E-voucher for actual ticket on the E-ticket / E-voucher with barcode that has been used previously by others.
  13. Organizer/Promoter reserves the right to process and litigate in accordance with Indonesia regulations either in civil criminal proceedings against people who get tickets in ways that are not valid, including but not limited to counterfeiting or copying a valid ticket or get a ticket in a way that do not match those specified by the organizer/Promoter as in item (a) of this provision.
  14. Organizer/Promoter is not responsible for negligence of the ticket purchaser resulting in the purchaser’s E-voucher/ticket falling into the hands of others (in another person’s possession) to be used as an admission/exchange and eliminating the ticket buyer from entering the venue/exchanging the E-voucher.
  15. E-voucher/Ticket are NON-refundable.
  16. Purchaser hereby agrees to release the organizer/promoter from legal claims through the courts or any means permitted by law in the event of cancellation of a concert that was made unilaterally by the artist or the government or others causes beyond the capacity and will of the organizer.
  17. If the show is cancelled, the tickets will be refunded in accordance with the provisions of the promoter. The cost of the convenience fee (charged to the buyer with a credit card) will not be refunded.
  18. Any form of outside food and drink are strictly prohibited in the venue.
  19. Any form of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
  20. Carrying knives, firearms and any kind of weapons are strictly prohibited by national regulations in the venue.
  21. Organizer/Promoter will not provide care for personal belongings and are not responsible for any lost items.
  22. Organizer reserves the right to prohibit ticket purchaser to enter the venue in the event the purchaser does not have a valid ticket.
  23. Organizer is entitled to remove the audience from the venue show if it is deemed necessary for safety.
  24. Age restriction: there is no age restriction.


Exclusive Pre-sale for Tastemaker starts at 27 April 2017 (16.30 WIB) until 28 April 2017 (16.30 WIB). 
General Sales starts at 28 April 2017 (16.30 WIB).
Fan meeting queue number will be assigned when the payment is finalized (First pay, first served). 
(with code)